Osang’s Pastries

I have written about Osang’s in Baclayon before, previous post here. Several more posts on this blog have featured their broas, which I consider to be the best that I have ever tasted. But of course, you might say I am biased since I first tasted these delicious broas over four decades ago! Over the last 40 years, I have probably eaten THOUSANDS of Osang’s broas! And as far as I can tell from this recent trip, besides the addition of an electric mixer, they are made and baked in exactly the same way they were baked 40 years ago. And while I can wax poetic about the broas, I haven’t really eaten many of Osang’s other offerings, the extensive line-up which includes pastel (photo above) and some plain cookies. Yup, that’s about it, a focused product line of less than half a dozen!

Osang’s is a home based business that is located behind or on the side of the Baclayon church in Bohol. I think they have been in the same spot for the last 40 years, though they may have moved once in that period. They used to hand mix all of their batters, the slow mixing motion a key to the consistency of their baked goods… but today they have a commercial looking mixer that they use on (and this is one of their secrets) very small batches of dough, using a maximum of only 6 eggs at a time! They can make up to 30 batches or so of dough on a given morning and only bake up until lunchtime, after which the goods are wrapped then picked up by those who previously placed orders. They don’t cook that much if there are no big orders, so visiting them unannounced can lead to a huge disappointment if they have nothing to sell you.

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