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Explore the charming and historic town of Baclayon, the oldest in Bohol. This video is from Baclayon Tourism.


Municipality of Baclayon blog

Baclayon Municipal Hall (Photo: Fats, Vitamins and Minerals)

My hometown Baclayon has its own Blogger blog. It contains basic information about the town.

Aside from the blog's homepage there are also the following pages:
  • Local government - explains the towns government structure, executive department, legislative branch and its vision and mission
  • Services - sets out the services delivered by the town government following the Citizen's Charter
  • Tourism - tells you what to see (attractions) and eat (local delicacies)
  • Contact - gives details on how and who to contact in the town government

Personally, I am more interested to know more on the town's tourist attractions in the Tourism page.

The blog's address is http://lgubaclayon.blogspot.com/


Biyahe Baclayon traveller reviews at TripAdvisor

Pamilacan island (Photo: InfoWise101.com)

The town's flagship Biyahe Baclayon tourism program had great raving reviews from travellers at the TripAdvisor website. The website features reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, holiday rentals, holiday packages, travel guides, and lots more.

Biyahe Baclayon is composed of three tours designed for visitors who want to explore Baclayon's natural wonders and heritage and cultural sites:
  • Heritage Walk aims to promote Baclayon's culture by bringing visitors to the town's delicacy shops that sell unique Baclayon food such as broas (lady fingers), tableyas (local chocolate tablets) and ube kinampay (local root crop), and to workshops where crafts and souvenir items are designed and manufactured.
  • Adventure Trail covers almost the entire town of Baclayon. It includes hiking trails and trails for mountain bikes, dirt bikes and quads. The routes have been designed to pass by lakes, caves, springs and deep sinkholes. Several stops and points along the trail offer panoramic views of the town. Aside from these trails, there is a plan to offer kayaking in the lakes and to install zip lines for extreme adventurers.
  • Whale/dolphin watching and Pamilacan island tour involves an early morning boat ride from Baclayon town centre to the island of Pamilacan. The body of water between Baclayon and Pamilacan is frequented by butandings (whale sharks), dolphins and manta rays. Upon reaching Pamilacan, guest may opt to visit diving sites, swim in the beach or have a massage from the women members of the local cooperative.

If you want to know what travellers had said about Biyahe Baclayon check out TripAdvisor's website.


Ironwulf's adventure travel in Baclayon

Baluarte (Photo: TripAdvisor)

Ironwulf is multi-awarded Filipino photographer and blogger Ferdinand Decena. He chronicles his travels in the Philippines and the world through his travel blog, Ironwulf.net: En Route. This blog contains great stories and stunning vistas from the places Decena has visited.

One of these places is my home province of Bohol; particularly, my hometown of Baclayon. Because of his several visits to Bohol, he came out with a suggestion for a three-day itinenary for an adventure travel if you want to visit one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines today. Day 3 for the said itinerary is reserved for Baclayon, which Ironwulf visited last year, staying at the luxurious Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa.


Toponym of Baclayon

There are still many towns in Bohol that use folklore and fairytale to indicate the origin of the name of their town.


Toponymy or the study of the names of places indicates that since time immemorial people always give a name to the place where they live or stay. Sometimes the names are exonyms or given by the neighbors or outsiders and sometimes they are endonyms or names given by the residents themselves.

There are times when the names are given or designated by a person in authority. However, most of the time the names are cachetonyms or eponyms.


A haunted Balite tree

Centuries old balite tree in Guiwanon, Baclayon. (Photo: Tom's Blog)
In many places of Bohol grows the balite tree or dakit. Most of the people are afraid to get near it for to them the tree is a haunted place. According to the beliefs of the old people in the province, the balite tree was the favorite dwelling place of the fairies. There was a particular balite tree that grew in the cross-section of trails near Bali-out, a barrio of the town of Baclayon. Bali-out is a spring along the sea coast. This spring had never been short of water, not even in the worst drought. Persons tried to avoid being under the shade of this balite tree lest harm might fall upon them.


Barangay Baclayon

While googling Baclayon on the internet, I came across an interesting piece of information. There is a barangay named Baclayon!

The barangay of Baclayon is one of the 58 barangays of the town of Bagacay, Albay province (Bicol region). It has a 2007 census population of 2,253. The town of Bagacay is a 2nd class municipality with a population of 61,574 (2007 census) living in an area of 11,220 hectares.

On the other hand, my hometown of Baclayon, Bohol (Central Visayas region) is a 4th class municipality with a population of 18, 015 (2007 census) spread over 17 barangays covering an area of 3,402 hectares.


All about.me

The website about.me enables you to make your own individual splash page to present your complete online identity to any visitor, be it your personal friends or professional colleagues.

Read more at Pinoyborian blog.


Pamilacan Island Paradise

Pamilacan Island Paradise is a beach villa located in the famous island barangay of Pamilacan.

If your idea of a perfect holiday is spending it in a private and exclusive beach villa in a small tropical island, then Pamilacan Island Paradise is for you.


Aproniana Gift Shop

Aproniana Giftshop is a one-stop souvenir shop along the National Highway in barangay Taguihon.


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