Happy Fiesta Baclayon

Photo: Bol-anon blog

Today the 8th of December is the fiesta of Baclayon.

The townspeople of Baclayon celebrate this day in honour of their patron saint, Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception.

My parents are the only ones left in our family that still lives in Baclayon.

Today, they are one with the rest of Baclayon in celebrating this special day with a small "tinawo" (fiesta food preparation).

Normally, our celebration of the fiesta of Baclayon is not as big compared to that of our barangay fiesta.

Even more so nowadays after Mom suffered a mild stroke a couple of years back. My parents relies on relatives nearby for assistance on some household matters.

But there's not much help during fiesta as my relatives are also having their celebration.

Still, I'm sure my parents, relatives and rest of Baclayon are having a wonderful time today.

Happy Fiesta Baclayon!

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