Pamilacan Island

Photo: Lakbai

Found almost a straight line from Baclayon’s wharf is the low coral island of Pamilacan.

The island’s name comes from the Cebuano-Visayan word “pilak”, or harpoon, which was used in the past by island residents when they went out whale and manta ray hunting.

Photo: Bohol.ph

Pamilacan is an island barangay (village) of Baclayon. There are three sitios (sub-villages) on the island – one facing Baclayon, another amid island, and the third on the southern coast. There are 242 families (2000 census) living in the island’s 140 hectares.

Pamilacan can be reached in 45 minutes from Baclayon wharf via a hired pumpboat. The island is famous for dolphin and whale watching, beaches and its marine sanctuary.

Text: Panubli-on


  1. Nindot na kaayo ang Baclayon. Daghan nang mga Beach Resort and hotels.

  2. Daray clan has relatives in Baclayon. When I was a small boy , I remembered the late municipal treasurer MR. Ireneo Daray visited our house during the fiesta of Corella .



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