Dolphin watching in Pamilacan Island in Bohol

Photo: Manila Traveler

After the countryside tour of Bohol, you can also try island hopping and enjoy more surprises. Pamilacan Island is a marine sanctuary and home to many biodiversity. You need to leave at 5:30 in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and catch the dolphins as they usually come out and frolic in the surface at this time of the day.

The trip to Pamilacan Island costs P1,000 per head and this is inclusive of the bangka ride (outrigger), morning snack (of native root crops that you probably have missed a lot) lunch (of seafood, native dish which became more delicious after snorkeling, swimming and enjoying the sea) as well as for the "dolphin caller".

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  1. hey i love this site i just found it! the list is going to be favorited :)

  2. One time , I saw dolphins in Pamilacan sea when I pass by, riding in a Trans Asia ship going to Tagbilaran. Its a thrilling experience looking the dolphins jumping in the air.

  3. Its a thrilling expereince looking the dolphins at Pamilacan sea. I saw one time when we pass by riding on a Trans Asia ship going to Tagbilaran.

  4. It's a thrilling experience watching dolphins in Pamilcan.



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