Biyahe Baclayon traveller reviews at TripAdvisor

Pamilacan island (Photo: InfoWise101.com)

The town's flagship Biyahe Baclayon tourism program had great raving reviews from travellers at the TripAdvisor website. The website features reviews and advice on hotels, resorts, flights, holiday rentals, holiday packages, travel guides, and lots more.

Biyahe Baclayon is composed of three tours designed for visitors who want to explore Baclayon's natural wonders and heritage and cultural sites:
  • Heritage Walk aims to promote Baclayon's culture by bringing visitors to the town's delicacy shops that sell unique Baclayon food such as broas (lady fingers), tableyas (local chocolate tablets) and ube kinampay (local root crop), and to workshops where crafts and souvenir items are designed and manufactured.
  • Adventure Trail covers almost the entire town of Baclayon. It includes hiking trails and trails for mountain bikes, dirt bikes and quads. The routes have been designed to pass by lakes, caves, springs and deep sinkholes. Several stops and points along the trail offer panoramic views of the town. Aside from these trails, there is a plan to offer kayaking in the lakes and to install zip lines for extreme adventurers.
  • Whale/dolphin watching and Pamilacan island tour involves an early morning boat ride from Baclayon town centre to the island of Pamilacan. The body of water between Baclayon and Pamilacan is frequented by butandings (whale sharks), dolphins and manta rays. Upon reaching Pamilacan, guest may opt to visit diving sites, swim in the beach or have a massage from the women members of the local cooperative.

If you want to know what travellers had said about Biyahe Baclayon check out TripAdvisor's website.

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