Ironwulf's adventure travel in Baclayon

Baluarte (Photo: TripAdvisor)

Ironwulf is multi-awarded Filipino photographer and blogger Ferdinand Decena. He chronicles his travels in the Philippines and the world through his travel blog, Ironwulf.net: En Route. This blog contains great stories and stunning vistas from the places Decena has visited.

One of these places is my home province of Bohol; particularly, my hometown of Baclayon. Because of his several visits to Bohol, he came out with a suggestion for a three-day itinenary for an adventure travel if you want to visit one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines today. Day 3 for the said itinerary is reserved for Baclayon, which Ironwulf visited last year, staying at the luxurious Peacock Garden Luxury Resort & Spa.

Kick off your Day 3 travel adventure early in the morning to catch the frolicking dolphins near Pamilacan island. After that, dock off in the island for a nice morning stretch at the long white sandy beach. Or head off straight into the waters for some amazing snorkelling. Lunch will be great at the beach, too!

After lunch, head back towards the Baluarte to experience the thrill of the dune buggy trail ride and a bit of eco-tour afterwards. And if you are still up for some more adrenaline pumping adventure then challenge the dirt bike trails of Mango-ol, a sitio of barangay San Isidro. Incidentally, the Pamilacan tour and adventure trails are part of the Biyahe Baclayon tour package.

After the day’s adventure, chill out at the Baluarte for barbecue dinner while watching the sun set and just be awed by the simple beauty of the sea behind you.

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