Experiencing and reminiscing on Baclayon

You will read on this blog not just my reminiscences of the time spent in Baclayon but also other people’s experiences of their visit to my hometown.

Baclayon Experience

When I started this blog I said upfront that I will borrow articles and blogposts written by other people. I will then re-post it on this blog duly acknowledged.

Sharing other people’s experience of Baclayon neutralizes my own biased views as well as enriches my readers’ knowledge of my hometown.

I have already started re-posting other people’s Baclayon experience.

If you notice, I copied and pasted (and made some minor changes for aesthetic reasons) verbatim, part of the original blogpost or article and then redirect you (readers) to the whole blogpost in the original author's blog.

I hope the bloggers that I featured here are cool to this idea, which I adopted from Bohol Blog. That blog featured a few of my blogposts from my Bohol On My Mind blog.

So, if you wish to read tales about other people’s stay and visit to my hometown, just look for the label Baclayon experience.

Also, if you come across this blog and you want to share your Baclayon experience here then please let me know and I will gladly feature it on this blog.


I have blogged about my reminiscences of the time I spent in my home province of Bohol.

Since some of it involves my stay and visits to my hometown Baclayon, I have re-posted them on this blog (with a note to its original posting).

I spent part of my childhood in Baclayon, which resulted in many wonderful memories that are still quite vivid even until now.

My family went back and lived for good in Baclayon in the 1990s. However, by that time I was in university in Cebu and later off to carve my own niche in this world in other places of the country.

I still regularly go home to Baclayon and visit my parents and relatives during the time I was still in the Philippines.

All my reminiscent stories are labelled Reminiscence, in case you are interested to read about them.

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