Baclayon Church’s pipe organ

Text and photo: BEZO Initiatives

The 185-year old pipe organ of Baclayon Church was restored in 2008.

In a previous blogpost, Baclayon Church, the full article from bohol-philippines.com mentioned that the church’s pipe organ was in a state of disrepair. Not anymore!

The Baclayon pipe organ is thought to be the third oldest pipe organ in the Philippines. Built in 1824, it had been modified only once, in 1902. However, the changes were of poor quality and mostly unnecessary.

The pipe organ was last played in the early 1940s, when it fell into neglect and disrepair.

That explains why, in all the time that I have been hearing Mass in Baclayon Church since I was a wee boy, I have not heard it played! Nor am I surprised if my father (born in late 1930s) have not, as well.

Before its restoration in early 2008, the pipe organ was left covered in thick layers of dust, with several parts missing or damaged.

This musical instrument was carefully taken apart and shipped to Parañaque (Metro Manila) for extensive repair by Diego Cera Organbuilders, a group of Europe-trained pipe organ specialists.

The next time I visit my hometown Baclayon (hopefully next year) I will bring my family to the church to hear Mass and hear the beautiful music coming out from the pipe organ again.

If you are interested to read more about the pipe organ’s restoration, visit the BEZO Initiatives website.

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