Staying in Baclayon

Stay in Baclayon if you are visiting Bohol.

If you are planning to go to Bohol and is looking for alternative to Tagbilaran and Panglao, then choose Baclayon.

Still quite a quaint old town, Baclayon is rich in history, being the first town established by the Spanish in Bohol.


Some of the heritage houses found in Poblacion, which dates back to the Spanish colonial period, are open to visitors as homestays.

According to AllWords.com, a homestay is a "house primarily as the residence of the owner but with the business of accommodating paying guests."

Owners of these heritage houses have formed an organisation, the Baclayon Ancestral Homes Association, which is also known as Bahandi (Visayan word for treasure). Some member houses are open as homestays.

Hotel and Resort

If, however, you are after a more modern and pampering accommodation, there are a few hotels and resorts I have come across in the worldwide web.

A high end hotel resort is located in barangay Laya, the Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa.

Also in Laya is the Bohol Coconut Palms Resort, which is more affordable by most tourists.

And if privacy is more to your liking, then head on to Baclayon Bed and Breakfast in barangay Guiwanon.


I will write about these tourist accommodations in Baclayon in future blogposts. I will create labels for them - Homestay and Hotel and Resort, for ease of reference.

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