Baclayon Church : Bohol Tour, Day 1

Photos: Kathang-isip Travelogue

By: Kathang-isip Travelogue Blog (24 September 2009)

Our second destination for the day is the second oldest church in the Philippines, and oldest church in Bohol: Baclayon church.

How to go there
Jeff and I took a rent-a-van to tour Bohol’s tourist spots.

What to see
According to Kuya Lito (Our tour guide/driver) Baclayon was supposedly the oldest church in the Philippines but San Agustin won that title after some historians disagreed with that claim. The claim is, the first Spanish settlers in the country was in Bohol therefore the first church was probably in Bohol, but I dont know, they’re both old that’s the only thing real at the moment, hehe.

From outside, Baclayon church isn’t all that impressive, it looks pretty boring actually, until you get to see the interiors of the church.

With just the sunlight lighting the interiors of Baclayon during the day, the church emits beautiful colors of red, yellow and blue with the help of the church’s stained glass windows. The main altar is enhanced with a warm color of yellow to emphasize it from the background.

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