Tourism Activity Centre

Photos and text: BEZO Initiatives

If you are a first time tourist in Baclayon, head on to the town's beautiful tourism activity centre.

The tourism centre is Baclayon's one-stop shop for tourists wanting to explore the town's cultural, man-made and natural sites. It also houses an office of Bezo Recreational and Aquatic Activities in Bohol (BRAABO) for its secretariat who provides technical assistance to the local government of Baclayon.

The tourism centre building's design adheres to Bol-anon architectural principles with its steep, sloping rooflines and intricate ventanillas (air vents) above doors and windows. Local Bol-anon craftsmen constructed and developed the tourism centre's decor, furniture and floor tiles.

The centre was inaugurated in May 2009. It is located behind the municipal hall near to Baluarte (lighthouse).

For more information read on the news article in BEZO Initiatives. Alternatively, this is how it is reported in the Bohol Chronicle.

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