Baclayon Church: A Long Walk Away

Photo: StoicPassion

By: StoicPassion (27 February 2010)

If you’d go to Baclayon with no tourist guide, you wouldn’t be acquianted with the colorful history of the church. Baclayon Church is considered as one of the oldest church in the Philippines dating back to 1717.

The church was actually made by the locals, with the use of coral stones quarried from the sea, cut into square blocks and held together by a mixture of shells, lime, and egg whites to cement the blocks together.

The church also has an adjoining detached tower which serves as a bell tower. During the olden days, the tower also served as a vantage point overlooking the Bohol sea to warn the locals of marauding pirates.

Typical of any Spanish era church, Baclayon Church also has ornate ceilings, altar area and colorful stained glass windows.

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  1. One of the best churches I've been. Truly a Bohol's gem. worth visiting.

  2. Baclayon Church is one of the oldest church I had been too.. And one of the most beautiful alter I had seen. I hope we can preserve that church for the next generation to see it.



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