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This post is a collation of information by nodarcdam, apparently a Pamilacan island resident, which was shared in the website Virtual Tourist in December 2005.

Going to Pamilacan

Pamilacan Island can be reached by boat. You can hire a boat which will take you the island and back either at Baclayon or Panglao Island.

In Baclayon, there is a wharf near the Baclayon church. The boat ride going to the island is about 45 minutes and the regular charge is P1,200 to 1,500 depending on the size of the boat.

In Panglao Island, there are many boatment offering their services. The ride is about one hour and the regular charge is between P1,500 to P1,800.

The laidback western tip of Pamilacan

The western tip of Pamilacan Island is the more popular side of the island. The beach is somewhat undeveloped, though the white fine sand is evident despite the dried seaweeds covering it. It has no restaurant but the locals will cook for you and for P200 per person, you can have lunch along the shore complete with rice, vegetable, fish or chicken and bottled water.

There are some stores which display bones of dolphins and sharks, a reminder that once, the islander was engaged in catching those creatures. The marine sanctuary is the ideal place for snorkelling.

The old Spanish watchtower still stands.

Catching big fish

We all know that big fish like tuna, jackfish and snapper are caught through big nets. In Pamilacan Island, the locals could catch big fish even without a net and they do it by fish hooks. They make their own bait which resembles a squid.

Slaughter of the manta rays

The eastern tip of Pamilacan Island may not be included in the regular island hopping tour because of the seeming unpleasant sight and smell. The coast is lined with small huts where manta rays from Surigao are slaughtered. This is one of the big sources of income for the locals. Make sure that you can withstand the sight of mangled manta rays before venturing on this side of the island.

All photos by nodarcdam

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